Things I love about India #1-4 (to be continued)

In this section I will simply update the small gifts Indian life offers on a regular basis to its admirers. After all life is to be enjoyed at the fullest potential and the best way to do that, is to celebrate the small things:

  1. Setting up meetings in IST (Indian standard time) which basically means you can come +/- 15 min or even +/- 1.5 hours depending on your own interpretation
  2. Smelling the scent of the refreshing CINTHOL lime soaps & shampoos [yea, I know, camouflaged advertising, but I’m not paid by them (yet)]
  3. Taking adventurous auto rickshaw drives through any dazzling Indian city life
  4. Delicious & “good-value-for-money” chai with tons of sugar EVERYWHERE
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