The genesis of the legends

monitor lizard

The semester hasn’t picked up full speed yet, but the tales of legends have been started to spread. It has been a quite calm, peaceful campus so far, but the drumbeats are getting faster and louder. The first questions about deadly spiders where left unanswered, but also didn’t seem to bother too many people. The fact that our six beautiful lakes are full of water snakes did receive some more attention, though. Last but not least, to be validated within the upcoming months, I present you the extraordinary, but shy mascot of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta: an about two meter long monitor lizard. If you trust the rumors the legendary creature lives right behind the Lake View Hostel (what I can proudly call my home at the moment) at the far edge of the campus and is to be seen around 4-4.30 AM at dawn.

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One Response to The genesis of the legends

  1. Vas says:

    Monty has a family now.
    Loves his privacy !


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