10 Quotes to grasp India’s leading B-School spirit

JokasmallAs everything in life, this perception is quite a subjective one. But studying at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta can be quite enriching, if you listen and follow the methods suggested by most of the professors.

  1. “There is no harm in being ambitious!”
    (Prof. Manish K. Thakur, Consumption, Culture and Markets)

    Starting off a class on this sentence leaves the students subtly on their own to make the most out of it. Not many do, but still you got the incentive to be ambitious. You should make the most out of it. No matter where you are, no matter what you do.

  2. “Call me [on my mobile] whenever you want, even at 1.30 AM in the morning, but please not before 9 AM.”
    (Prof. Bhaskar Chakrabarti, Managing Public Private Partnerships)

    Is there any option to show more commitment to really have an interest to spread knowledge and skills among your students? Well he certainly is a benchmark for having drive and leading by example.But the faculty here is not really only here to share their knowledge:

  3. “Please add value to this course. I am here to learn.”
    (Prof. Rajan Das, Industry & Competitive Analysis)

    And he really does. He embraces discussions and enforces discussions in cutting in presentations and forcing students to reflect on what is really still meaningful of old-fashioned lectures from Porter and alikes.

  4. “I’m not here to teach you anything, I’m here to sharpen your minds.”
    (Prof. Manish K. Thakur, Consumption, Culture and Markets)

    Seems to be a pattern this amazing Bschool wants to follow on purpose. What a great institution of mutual learning and teaching.

  5. “Teaching is like in a Bollywood movie: you have to do all the things to keep people awake, keep them interested.”
    (Prof. Prashant Mishra, Services Marketing)

    Even though it is not always an easy job to keep students interested and bring theoretical frameworks to them, profs are aware of it and try their best.

  6. “Think of how to grasp attention. Present in the most creative way.”
    (Prof. Vidyanand Jha, Management of Creativitiy)

    On the other hand students are challenged to do the same. With attention being one of the scarcest resources we have nowadays, this class seems to be a good trial stage for real life.

  7. “Crazy things are fantastic!”
    (Prof. K. Dasaratharaman, Managing Retailing)

    In the same way the profs really don’t believe in any given boundaries. They want to be surprised and embrace the unconventional and craziness in the ideas of students.

  8. “Present in a pitch-style. We are here to learn real business.”
    (Prof. K. Dasaratharaman, Managing Retailing)

    On the other hand while embracing all the creativity and craziness it is still about hands-on business equipped with the frameworks one learns.

  9. “Don’t use any source which is older than 3 years.”
    (Prof. Rajan Das, Industry & Competitive Analysis)

    The IIMC also ensures not to lack behind. With rules like professors have only recent topics in their classes.

  10. “Numbers can’t give answers; there have to be judgments, there have to be improvements.”
    (Prof. Sougata Ray, Global Strategic Management)

    Eventually, even though IIMC is one of the most reputed institutions in the world for Economics and Finance, the campus is not only about numbers. It is about judgments, interpretations and improvements. We don’t aspire to be average.“Average is a fiction created by statistics which does not exist.”
    (Prof. Rajan Das, Industry & Competitive Analysis)

    So in that sense, let us be outliers, and accept as many advices as we can from our profs to embrace the #JOKAspirit and take it to into the business world beyond the local borders.

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