Things I love about IIMC

I am currently enrolled at the fantastic IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Calcutta, the first established IIM and one of the best business schools not only in India, but also in Asia and recently also consistently mentioned globally. While I can probably write ample episodes on the IIM itself, in this blog entry I wanna honor the small, but strikingly wonderful things that make me enjoy & appreciate my life here as a student:

  1. Super efficient and always swift replies by the International Office Manager Ms Roma Banerjee.
  2. Receiving the WiFi-codes on arrival making the administrative stuff smooth to handle.
  3. The beautiful green and calm campus, well guarded from the bust of the busy streets of Joka.
  4. The amazing opening hours of the Campus snack shops: 7.30 AM to 4.00 AM.
  5. Free early delicious morning tea delivery to your room at Tata Hall (campus guest house).
  6. Free The Times of India newspaper delivery at Tata Hall.
  7. Campus Life at IIMC – whatever you wanna do, you’ll find somebody to join you
  8. Good Music everywhere on campus
  9. Delicious and super affordable food on campus, especially in Old Hostel
  10. Study colleagues are friendly & helpful, always.
  11. Tremendously interesting and mentally demanding courses
  12. Sports facilities easily accessible anytime

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